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Posted by simar
on 5 Oct 2017

Hello Dear !!!

I am from India, age 42 years, we are four in family and are planning to move to Canada, I am preparing for my IELTS exam.

I want to enquire whether we can apply for Canada??? and are we eligible to apply for Canada PR, my husband is very much anxious to relocate to Canada.

Please help up.

waiting for your favourable reply.


EmmaL on 6 Oct 2017 - 08:57
Hi Simar

To move to Canada you need to get a residence permit or a temporary work permit. Are you planning on a long-term stay in Canada? For that, you need a residence permit. The residence permit allows you and your family to take advantage of the national benefits and there are different ways to obtain one. Read our page on visas for Canada for some more information. Canada's immigration site is also very informative and might answer some more questions.

Finding a job in Canada will rely on your experience and qualifications, and it's always better to start looking sooner rather than later. Try online job portals and look up companies individually to see if they have vacancies. If you are working for a PR company in India, you could use their connections in Canada to transfer. There's more information in our guide on working in Canada.

Do you and your husband both work in PR? Do you have experience in other fields?


Catherine on 11 Oct 2017 - 07:26
Hi Simar, if you and your husband both have university degrees and pass your IELTS exam with sufficient scores, you may qualify for the Express Entry visa, which would give you permanent residence, and thus permission to move to and work in Canada. The Express Entry is based on a points system of factors such as your age, qualifications, work experiences and English language ability. You need to check that your occupation is also on the current skills list for Canada. Unfortunately your age is against you, as you're over 40, which means you lose quite a few points and would be competing with many others for the visa. Those usually invited to apply for the visa would need a total score of at least 413 - this is the lowest score that has qualified this year - but anything above 440 is preferable. Have a look at the CIC website to work out your score. 

The first thing you'd need to do is have your credentials accredited by a relevant body such the World Education Services to see that your qualifications are accepted in Canada, and then also do your IELTS.

It's very difficult to find a job in Canada before you've moved there without experience within Canada, as Canadian companies prefer candidates who have experience within the country. Companies also have to prove, via a labour market study, that they have not been able to find a Canadian capable of doing the job before hiring a foreigner from outside the country, so your best bet is to try for the visa first.

All the best with your decision! As Emma mentioned above, the Canadian Immigration website is very useful and you should find all your answers there. There are also many agencies and lawyers who assist in immigration to Canada, and many offer a free assessment to see your eligibility to emigrate there, so it's worth doing some investigation here.

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