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Posted by yash sharma
on 9 Mar 2018
How much salary should I expect from a giant bank in Abu Dhabi as a Data scientist? I have around 7 years of experience in India? What factors mostly influence the expected salary in UAE for expats? An upper and lower limit will help greatly.
abdulkadir on 26 Mar 2018 - 06:38
Salaries in Abu Dhabi are decreasing due to the competition and lot of people willing to relocate to United Arab Emirate as the economic condition are getting better and better as the 2020 is approaching. The average salary of data specialist is near 15000 AED but this varies for each case and each bank.
Daniela de Castro on 26 Mar 2018 - 15:07

Hi again

You should definitely try researching some employment agencies before you consider moving. I don't know of any specific agencies, but I'm sure a good online search will help you find one that's right for you. 


- Daniela 

Anonymous (not verified) on 26 Mar 2018 - 07:01
@daniela - Hi Daniela, thank you so much for your reply. I understand that due to current reforms in UAE things are changing very fast. A bank reached out to me for above position and their budget was upto 25K AED per month excluding accommodation and travel expenses but i am making almost equally earnings here in India hence we didn’t went ahead. Can you please suggest some local agencies so that i can reach out to them? Thanks again. @Abdul - Hi Abdul, thanks for your reply. Please follow above answer and yes, as 2020 is near, we can hope for some excitement in global market.
Daniela de Castro on 13 Mar 2018 - 07:28
Hi Yash

Perhaps you should try contacting a local recruitment agency and asking them directly? They are likely to have more information on what sort of jobs are available to you and what you can expect to be paid, as this may vary on a case-by-case basis. Contacting an agency could also help you find a solid job offer before making the move to Abu Dhabi. 

Expat Arrivals has a helpful guide to the Cost of Living in Abu Dhabi which might be worth taking a look at when estimating how much money you would need to live comfortably there. 

If your salary offer is not what you were hoping for, it's important to keep in mind that many job offers in Abu Dhabi come with employment packages which may significantly lower your cost of living. 

When are you hoping to move?


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