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Revolutionising Early Childhood Education in the UAE with Bright Beginnings Nursery

Updated 15 Mar 2024

Founded in January 2005, Bright Beginnings is a popular nursery choice for families in Abu Dhabi. Bright Beginnings Nursery offers a curriculum blending elements of both the British and Australian early years educational frameworks, catering to children aged 45 days to 4 years old. Bright Beginnings Nursery boasts several branches in Abu Dhabi, located in Mehairba, Mushrif, and Saadiyat. 

Parents can appreciate the happy, safe, home-like environment with qualified staff who care about the welfare and development of every child. All families seeking care and education for their children want the very best. 

Bright Beginnings understands that placing your children in an early childhood educational centre is a big decision. Parents need to feel confident that their children are being cared for in a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment that promotes trust, confidence and high self-esteem. 

At Bright Beginnings Nursery, children are encouraged to explore their educational journey through various indoor and outdoor learning opportunities. The curriculum fosters curiosity and discovery, allowing children to take an active role as explorers in their learning process. 

Indoor spaces are thoughtfully crafted to stimulate learning through play, while outdoor environments provide further opportunities for exploration, physical activity, and connection with nature. Bright Beginnings’ nurseries place wellbeing at the core, fostering an environment dedicated to nurturing, learning, and cultivating children's confidence. 

A child-led approach to learning

Bright Beginnings nurtures and encourages all aspects of your child’s development during their formative years. Children are treated with respect, affection, courtesy, and, above all, as individuals. The child-led approach to learning means that every child will learn about what interests them at the time while also extending their learning. 

Nursery and preschool are certainly exciting years for young children. These are the years when the foundations are laid for personal development and achievement.  It is often said that children are like sponges at this age, making it the most impactful learning stage of their lives. 

Bright Beginnings is a wonderful environment in which to start your child’s educational path. The nurseries aim to instil confidence, curiosity, a love of learning, and respect for all people and the environment. This helps to prepare children for both personal success and the greater good of the community they live in.  

The Peekapak Social-Emotional Learning Programme 

As part of Bright Beginnings’ approach to achieving its goals, the school is revolutionising early childhood education in the UAE. Bright Beginnings has embarked on a journey of integrating Peekapak’s holistic Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Programme into its curriculum. This online resource tool allows the school access to tailored resources and activities that develop children’s resilience, perseverance, and emotional intelligence while fostering strong partnerships between home and nursery.   

Through Peekapak’s innovative curriculum, young learners are empowered with vital life skills, setting a strong foundation for their academic and personal growth. Children are immersed in their learning through Peekapak’s stories, lessons, family activities, and learning games, where they learn SEL skills by solving problems. 

Impact of the Peekapak SEL Programme 

Three-year-old Bright Beginnings Nursery student Camilla has been immersed in Peekapak’s SEL programme and has made impressive strides. Under the guidance of her class teacher, Ms Gemma, Camilla’s ability to express and regulate her emotions as well as show empathy has blossomed, reflecting both her innate capability and the nurturing environment provided by the Peekapak SEL Programme. Ms Gemma’s leadership has also undoubtedly played a crucial role in fostering Camilla’s emotional development at this early stage. 

Ms Gemma shares, “I’m delighted to witness the remarkable progress our three- to four-year-old children are making through the Peekapak programme. It’s truly fulfilling to see them engage in the fun and interactive activities while developing important social and emotional skills. The programme has been instrumental in creating a supportive and nurturing environment where each child can thrive and grow. I’m excited to continue this journey of learning and discovery with them.” 

Camilla’s mother Delight Matereke notes, “Camilla’s progress with Peekapak has been incredible! She’s not only learned new vocabulary related to responsibility, respect, and gratitude, but she’s also using each term appropriately in her conversations. I’m thrilled to see her embracing these essential values and applying them in her daily interactions. Using the online learning platforms for both fun and education has been incredibly beneficial for Camilla’s growth and empowerment. Thank you for providing such enriching experiences for her.” 

Parents can visit the Bright Beginnings Nursery website and our school review to learn more about how this forward-thinking approach is shaping confident and emotionally intelligent young minds.  

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