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Posted by saswati
on 4 Jul 2017

I am an Indian who has been offered a job at an University for the post of a lecturer at Abu Dhabi. Please guide me regarding the approximate cost incurred towards work permit processing fee to work at Abu Dhabi.

Anonymous (not verified) on 22 Jul 2017 - 18:15
In what way will a landlord check that a couple is married or not when renting an apartment i Abu Dhabi? I know that it's illegale to live man & woman together without beging married - but do they check it?
taylor1 on 24 Jul 2017 - 08:56
I'm not sure whether a landlord would check (though I suppose they could ask you for a marriage certificate), but even if they didn't, there are other ways you could be caught. It's true that Dubai is usually one of the more liberal emirates -- so there's a slight chance you could get away with it, but I personally wouldn't risk it. If you get caught, you face jail time and deportation. The authorities (i.e. the police) aren't going around knocking door to door trying to catch unmarried couples living together, BUT they will be obliged to investigate if they receive a complaint or tip-off, or they may notice something if you attract the attention of the law in other ways. From there, it's pretty easy for them to prove you're breaking the law if you're asked to present a marriage certificate and can't. frown
Meagan on 6 Jul 2017 - 08:35
Hi Saswati,

It's very unusual for the employee to take responsibility for the process and cost of applying for a work permit. In fact, I found a page on the website Living In Dubai says that legally, the employer is required to bear the cost. Is this something they've asked you to do or something you're just trying to think ahead on? If they've asked you for money or to pay for the work permit upfront (or indeed at all) I'd be extremely suspicious as this is one of the hallmarks of job scams. Another thing is whether you approached them or they approached you about the job, and whether you did an interview with them prior to being hired? If anything about the process seems a little too good to be true, it's worth doing some research. You can read this article on job scams to learn about other signs to look out for.

Good luck.

Anonymous (not verified) on 6 Jul 2017 - 19:01
Thanks a lot for your response. I went through your article and was shocked to see the similarity between the offer made to me and what is there in the article. I will definitely research more before taking any decision. Thanks a lot for your help. Regards Saswati Das
Anonymous (not verified) on 2 Aug 2017 - 20:41
Ive had job offer from Alreef Hospital in Abudhabi and the Hospital asks me to pay 1900$ to travel agency for work and residence visa getting but there is no progression do u think they are cheating me or how can I follow my request privately best regard Dr felora Hajizadeh
Meagan on 3 Aug 2017 - 09:48
Hi Dr Hajizadeh,

This is definitely not the norm and unfortunately I do think you're being cheated. Normally the employer pays for visas and permits. Have a look at our article on spotting a scam job offer and see if anything else looks familiar there. Sorry I don't have better news for you.

Anonymous (not verified) on 7 Sep 2017 - 14:11
Hi ...small advice required....i got a offer from company noor capital psc....the employer didn't interview me....and the offer letter was given...and moreover they asked me to pay for visa and work permit...and they had given ethiad detail s kindly advice me in this aspect s
Meagan on 8 Sep 2017 - 08:05
Hi, I'm afraid this doesn't look good at all. Lots of warning signs there. As I said to the previous poster, you can have a look at our article about how to spot a job scam (click here to read it). It's probably best not to go any further with this company, and definitely don't pay them any money. Sorry I don't have better news for you.
Anonymous (not verified) on 19 Sep 2017 - 09:14
Hello Meagan, I got an offer from a company AL YASEAH OIL & GAS. I submitted my CV as required by the employer. 24 hours after submission the employer gives me a LETTER OF OFFER. Which stated expected salary and other fringe benefits, also day of resumption. The employer didn't interview me. Am now directed to OMEIR TRAVEL AGENCY for paperwork of my acquisition of WORK/RESIDENCE PERMIT PAPPERS. Which I have done as still expecting reply. I know with the norms of many travel agency they will request for fees, for these papers. Please i need your sincere advice on this, to be sure it's not a job scam.
ST_Goh on 23 Oct 2018 - 02:18

hey. just want to know that is this offer is job scam or.? because I have the similar offer with you and OMEIR TRAVEL AGENCY as well. worry is job scam as well

Meagan on 19 Sep 2017 - 12:44
Hi there,

As I mentioned to the others who posted above, it's unusual to get a job offer without an interview, and in genuine offers employers are usually the ones who take on the costs of obtaining visas and permits.

I did a quick Google search, and while Al Yaseah is a genuine company, there's a warning on their website. It says, "Fake e-mails are send with an unexpected job offer. These e-mails are a scam. Do not pay people you do not know for promised Work/Residence Permit Papers". Click here to read more: Does the example they give there look like the email you got? You could also try emailing them directly at to find out if your offer is genuine.

Good luck.

Anonymous (not verified) on 16 Oct 2017 - 18:18
I am an Indian, got job offer in university, Abu Dhabi. First the HR asked me to send my CV and later he gave reply with offer letter and in which everything mentioned including salary but all happened without interview at least. And the HR also gave my details to Tours and Travels in Abu Dhabi. They provided every thing in detail. Now what I have to do. Please reply.
EmmaL on 17 Oct 2017 - 08:35
Hi Anonymous

I'm sorry to tell you, but your situation sounds a lot like the above situations. Most of these types of scams involve money, has the travel agency asked for any sort of processing fee? Like Meagan has said above, your future employer should usually pay for work permit related costs.

Read our article on avoiding job scams if you suspect it might be a scam. 


Anonymous (not verified) on 1 Apr 2018 - 20:17
At friend given an offer at Noor Capital, how did it go? Are you still working there? I have an offer as well.
ramitroy on 26 Aug 2019 - 08:17


I am an Indian who had been offered job of store keeper at Amana hospital. The selection was done on basis of CV !!! No interview was organised. I asked job profile from them but they did not revert. Rather than travel agency constantly asking me to pay the work permit fee which is 109500 INR. Can anyone answer that whether Amna hospital exists? How is recruitment done without interview? Do the employee paid AED 40K per month. 

Meagan on 26 Aug 2019 - 09:47

Hi there. Unfortunately this has all the characteristics of a job scam. There was no interview, and they've asked you to give them money. No reputable company would do either of these things. For more info, please see this article on avoiding job scams.

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