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Exploring the benefits of positive relationships in schools

Updated 15 Sep 2023

Communities are defined by relationships. That’s why the International School of Beijing (ISB) places so much value in helping its people form and maintain strong, lifelong peer relationships across national, linguistic and cultural lines. For students, parents, faculty, and staff, ISB is an inclusive school built on how its people get along and understand each other.

With the 2023/2024 academic year just weeks old, ISB parents have been enjoying a host of school events and occasions designed with this in mind. The school has organised coffee mornings, workshops and socials to maintain strong ties between school and home, to get parents together to share experiences and to keep ISB families informed on their children’s learning.

And there’s plenty more to come! This is the first full academic year since 2018/2019 during which schools and organisations in Beijing are not expecting any interruptions to their operations. It’s a chance to start afresh, and the leadership of ISB intend to re-establish the school as an international community hub in Beijing.

The benefits of positive relationships in schools

The benefits of positive relationships in schools extend beyond the school community to reach individual students. Research has shown that students who experience positive relationships with their teachers and peers often boast high levels of academic achievement. 

With this in mind, it is imperative for schools to prioritise cultivating robust student and family relationships. That is why strong relationships constitute a core part of ISB's three pillars. Positive school relationships foster a sense of belonging for students, which is particularly important for young children and adolescents who are at a critical stage of forming their identity.

ISB believes in partnering with parents, as they usually know their children and understand their individual needs better than anyone else. This partnership typically leads to a host of academic and social benefits, such as regular school attendance, a sense of wellbeing and positive feelings about school.

Experiences to remember long after graduation

ISB has always been not only a provider of a world-class education, but also a place where international families can enjoy peak moments and a sense of oneness with a group of people who share the same values. Upon enrolling, families and ISB commit to a student-school-family partnership. It’s a recognition that education is a collaborative effort and that a child’s growth and development take a coordinated effort from all three parties.

The plan this year is to elevate this partnership even more and ensure family members will continue to be provided with an experience they will remember long after graduation.

How ISB is cultivating a robust school community

ISB has a two-pronged approach to building a connected school community. This involves continuing to provide excellent educational programmes grounded in research on the science of learning and fostering the ISB Dragon Spirit. The ISB Dragon Spirit thrives on inclusivity, resilience and joy in learning in the school’s students, families, staff and alumni. The school will also host more events than ever before to bring people together to live out and celebrate the ISB Dragon Spirit.

Parents can visit the ISB's website to learn more about the school’s events and connect with the school’s teachers and other expat parents.

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