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on 15 Aug 2019

Hi Everyone, 


I am looking for some advice.   I am a Romanian national living in Canada for the past 24 years.   my parent moved to Canada when I was 14. I am 38 years old and I am looking for information on how I can move back to Romania - for a minimum 3-6 months at first.  Would I need a work permit? I am trained as a chiropractor and kinesiologist and not sure how good my job prospects would be.  I speak romanian at an advanced level but not expert, and my writing is basic at most. Also not sure what type of salaries I should be looking for.  I think 1200-1500 would be a great salary for Romania.  Are there any recruitment companies that I can reach out for help in finding a more advanced role - I have lots of financial, insurance and customer service experience and would prefer to start somewhere that would give me growth and future potential. 

Thank you for your guidance. 


oana c. on 5 Oct 2019 - 00:42

Hi Mara,

First I have to appolgize for my bad english ( I'm romanian but I've been living in France  since 1981, I'm 58 now (even and I can't belive this!) I had to move back in Bucharest  in  2014 because my mother had a car accident and after the anesthesy she developped a very fast shape af Alzheimer. I looked for a kineologist for many time, impossible to find one ( able to move at the pacient home) You have to know that taxes ans others fees on a salary are about  50%as in France ..Privare clincs are using the same prices as in  France ( 35/75 €) I guess that for your job it's the same , but I think that you have to share with the clinic.  Enghish speakind practicians are very demanded...You  have only to contact SANADOR, REGINA MARIA, MEDLIFE..and some others that I don't know....The weather is amazing here, lot of people are fine ( not all of them, but you'll quikly be use of this) and finally I"m very happy here...and you can also open a private  crivate cabinet (?) you'll have alot of demandes (only if your diplom (?_  is reconized here, Wish you good luck!

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