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Posted by robbiepurton
on 10 May 2016
Hi... My partner and I are thinking of purchasing property in or around the Villamartin area. The reason for our choice is the access to golf courses and beaches as well as there being good shopping and entertainment areas. We don't intend to move for a few years but will use the property for holidays for us, our immediate friends and family so it will get used a lot. My question is, is it safe to buy there. I have read all about the Land Grabs and although the area seems to be an urbanisation the property does seem rather cheap! Is there anywhere we should avoid? Any badly constructed areas etc. I am a decorator/builder but forewarned is for armed so to speak. We're looking to buy a 3 bed town house so any information would be great. Thanks.
Anonymous (not verified) on 1 Jun 2016 - 11:43
Hi Robbie, I am in the process (deposit paid) on a property in villamartin. I found that the area is excellent and after talking with lots of locals in bars and cafes seems to be safe. I have chosen to buy in a "gated" community which everyone I spoke to said was an great idea as there are plenty of permanent residents living there which increases the safety aspect, although everyone did say that the area was safe they all recommended that secutity shutters be fitted as a belt and braces approach. the buying process proved to be painless, the estate agent was extremely helpful and took me to see all the relevent people from solicitors to money transfer people.
Anonymous (not verified) on 12 Jun 2016 - 08:12
I have read the comments with great interest and as a pair of oldies we are also looking at the allicante area to retire to could you tell us which are the better areas to be looking at, not really wanting an apartment but would like a bungalow or a house.Would it be more advisable to choose a gated community
Anonymous (not verified) on 15 Jun 2016 - 12:16
Thats a hard one to answer as everyone wants something different. The only advise I will give is that you should visit the area(on more than one occasion if possible) and talk to the locals once you find somewhere that you like.Remember that public transport is excellent and very cheap compared to the UK so you can live somewhere away from the hussle and bussle but get to it if you want very easily.

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