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on 23 Sep 2014
Moving to Dammam and we have 3 questions to start with: 1 - We are allowed 80 kg should we just bring extra luggage or ship air freight? 2 - Which airline is preferred USA to Saudi? 3 - How to get our mail forwarded? Thank you
Anonymous (not verified) on 15 Oct 2014 - 12:13
Depends where you are moving from. You should ship if you are moving there for more then a year, you can use movesouq to find best companies for that like price wise. Mail forward you really dont do, Saudi doesnt exactly have the same 'mail box system' they do in USA or EU so I suggest what you can move online you should and if there is something important you need to get use DHL. I would fly Emirates or Etihad, you can also fly air Saudia. When you arrive to Saudi please remmeber that its a muslim country thus if you are a women have a jacket that covers your arms and chest and wear long pants.

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