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Posted by caballero37
on 16 Jun 2017
Hello, I’m a business student traveling abroad with my management class and I had a few questions regarding the Chilean business environment I was hoping to get some help with. Any input is much appreciated! 4. Would you recommend applying for naturalization/residency for business people wishing to trek back and forth between Chile and their native country? 5. What are some major cultural differences between U.S. and Chilean business culture?
Anonymous (not verified) on 20 Jun 2017 - 22:29
Applying for residency has the advantages of being able to apply for loans and other monetary assistance if you wished to apply for it. On the other hand there are some requirements you must meet to be granted residency. It really all depends on your personal situation and how often you are planning to be in the country per visit. As far as your second question goes the culture in Chile tends to be a lot more respectful. Where in the United States it would not be uncommon to hear about conflicts in the workplace, in Chile these conflicts wouldn’t be an issue as the culture overall is more conflict-avoidant. Relationships are much more valued and this translates into the workplace.

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