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Posted by shegami
on 5 Sep 2014
Hi, I am Indian and now i receive an offer to work for private company in Nigeria, seeking advice to negotiate for salary. company providing salary break as local salary + overseas salary and free bachelor accommodation with house maid, house steward, transportation and security for the employee.the position is executive level, also advice what should be the salary for manager port operation.please note the salary would be tax free either in Nigeria and in India as mentioned by the employer. Please give advice on the cost of living and availability of Indian veg food in restaurant in Nigeria, as well as a safe place to have bachelor accommodation. Please expedite response quickly, as I need to make a decision. regds..... milind......
Shantalie on 10 Sep 2014 - 08:37
Hi Shegami,

Take a look at our Cost of Living in Nigeria page. It should give you a good idea about how much you will need to maintain your lifestyle while living in Nigeria. 

Good luck


shegami on 21 Oct 2014 - 11:14
Hello Hi, Thanks a ton to respond me for the queri which i posted in Expat Arrival forum further to my query ,seeking your esteemed advcie on the below I have put a question on Expat Arrival forum ,for which you have responded to queries on 10th sep ,2014 at 0937 hrs so now today i have received and offer from Nigeria for the position Port Operation Executive and they have offered me the salary break up as USD 1250 a non taxable as over salary per month credited to my resident bank and USD 544 = 90,000 Niras as local salary per month + free secured bachelors accommodation in Lagos city + free 4 wheeler car provided with driver for office purpose + electricity & water charges + one month local salary as medical claim instead of medical insurance + free house mets for cooking and sweeping therefore i wish seek your advice as is this offer good to accept and as far as local salary is concern USD 544 = 90,000 Niras is comfortable to survive in Nigeria Lagos City Bcoz i need to only make expenses in fooding , buying groseries. Secondly what will be the cost/premium set per month for single in USD's to obtain medical insurance if thinking to buy from local insurance company please note iam pure vegiterian please help me with your advice ,becoz i have respond to email of the offer which i have recived. Thanks & regds Shegami
Dee Simon on 18 Mar 2015 - 00:56
Hello shegami , If they re providing a car, an accomodation I think 90k is not bad, but you might need to reconsidere it, fuelling the car will the company do that of you will be the one buying gs to fuel? Sometimes its not bt the car you drive in Lgos its ow much you spend on buying gas tht matter, bcuz Lagos I a City of traffic nd we re use to it, so if they can do 150k. -200k thts like 1000$ its good enough. @ least you will need to be saving also, if its abt food, they hve ll kinds of food you might wnt in Lagos

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