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on 4 Sep 2020

Hello dear forum members,

I am a Dutch / Turkish citizen that wants to live in Saudi Arabia and want a citizenship in the long run. I am also married and our son is almost 1 year. My wife recently lives in the Netherlands with me for almost 2 years. She only owns a permit stay in the Netherlands, her own nationality is Indonesian.

We want to move to Saudi Arabia for the future of our children. We hold the same beliefs as the conservative people in Saudi Arabia. So instead of living around the popular expat cities like Riyadh and Jeddah we would rather want a more religious area instead like Mekkah or Madinah or the likes where the ideology is not liberal. 

We want to blend in with the locals as we don't want to live in a compound with other expats. The reason also is to get used to the Arabic language and get fluent in it. So my questions are as followed:


- Where/How do we get started?

- Where can I find jobs in areas that non-expats live?

- Is a naturalisation possible for us? Do we need to give up our own nationalities?

Hoping to receive useful and guiding information,


Anonymous (not verified) on 7 Sep 2020 - 08:18


Moving to Saudi Arabia can seem complicated with all the types of work permits, residence permits and visas. Have you seen our page on Visas for Saudi Arabia? It gives a good break down of how to apply for visas as well as permanent residency. As far as I can tell, dual citizenship may not be possible if you have citizenship in Saudi Arabia. It's best to contact the nearest embassy regarding the latest immigration info.

Regarding work, often, applicants are required to have a job in place first which creates further challenges. Networking is often a good place to start looking for a job. Do you know anyone living in Saudi Arabia or have any connections there?

I'd also suggest considering a relocation company. There are several relocation companies in Saudi Arabia that can guide you based on your specific requirements. These come with additional charges to relocating on your own, but offer many personalised benefits and services, as well as having local knowledge.

I hope that helps!

bh_01 on 20 May 2021 - 16:42

Hi Ahmet,

I'm also interested to move and work permanently in Medina Saudi Arabia. My nationality is Indonesian and I live in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. Can I contact you for further discussion? Maybe on Facebook or email. I'd appreciate your feedback. Thank you.

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