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on 13 Apr 2011
I am three months away from my dream move to Argentina... I am very excited, but need to start drawing up a budget for myself.

How much should I expect to pay for accommodation in Argentina?  I want to live in Beunos Aires.
DavidC on 13 Apr 2011
Don't worry so much about accommodation. Housing prices in Buenos Aires are much less expensive than in cities such as New York, Moscow or Hong Kong. You can rent a 4-bedroom apartment from about $2500, and you can rent a VERY nice 2-bedroom apartment for about $1500. That said, however, there are “guarantias” that landlords require which could mean payment of up to two year's rent up front!!!
Shantalie on 8 Aug 2012

Despite the fact that expats do pay more than the locals for rentals, accomodation rates are far less in Argentina that in North America and Europe and there are a lot of options available to you. Generally, the standard of accomodation is high in Buenos Aires. Argentine landlords do however expect expats to provide some sort of collatorel or have a guarantor. 

Take a look at our Accomodation in Argentina page for a more detailed insight into the housing situation. It might also be worth your while reading our Cost of Living page for Argentina to get a better idea of the types of expenses you will occur and draw up your budget accordingly.

Good luck with your move to Argentina!

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