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on 12 Jan 2013
Hello All, Hope these few lines of mine will find each of you sailing in the boat of happiness and well-being. Wish you all a Happy New Year 2013. I, Gaurav Aggarwal from New Delhi India, recently got PR and it is a SA state nomination skilled application visa category 190 and now looking an advice in knowing how to make arrangements on job and accommodation once I land here. There are 2 scenarios: Firstly, I will try looking for a job in SA while I am here in India and see how much buy in I get from the potential employer in joining. As I have a 2 months notice period to serve in my current organization. I am working as a Project Manager in an IT company and have 14+ years of experience. Secondly, if things does not go as planned, will be left with no choice but to travel to Adelaide and look for a job. Now the biggest concern will be of finding a reasonable accommodation as this involves lots of financial aspects. I look forward for your advice on how can I make arrangements on job and accommodation while I am sitting here in India. Please advice. Feel free to ask any questions that you may have. With Regards, Gaurav Aggarwal
Shantalie on 14 Jan 2013 - 07:28
Hi Gaurav,

There are a lot of online resources that you can use for finding a job in Adelaide. You can try Job Guide or the MyCareer portals.The Working in Australia has plenty of useful tips for expat job seekers.

Have a read of the Expat Arrivals page on Working in Adelaide. It provides a good overview of the regions job market.Although unemployment is high in Adelaide and wages are lower than in the rest of Australia, there are lots of vacancies for expats with lots of skills and experience.

As I mentioned, wages are lower in Adelaide. However, the cost of living in Adelaide is also far more reasonable than in Sydney or Melbourne. If you are willing to share an apartment until you get settled you can definitley find a place for around AUD 150. The cheapest accommodation in Adelaide will be in the Northern suburbs.

For more information please take a look at our Accommodation in Adelaide page. 

Please let me know if you have anymore questions and best of luck with the move to Australia. 

Anonymous (not verified) on 15 Jan 2013 - 05:01
Thanks Shantalie for the insight, definitely its very helpful. I am seeing that it will be best if I land there and then look for opportunities rather then searching them sitting in India. The only question n concern is, a place to go as soon as I land in Adelaide. It will be more easy and comfortable to find a shared accommodation rather then shedding dollars staying in some hotel.
Shantalie on 15 Jan 2013 - 06:49
Hi Guarav,

For shared accommodation - I would suggest you try as a starting point.

It might be a good idea to at least arrange a few interviews before you head to Australia. That way you can make the most of your time.

Hope it all works out.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

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