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Posted by kileymarie4591
on 30 Sep 2016
Hi there! My husband is originally from Romania and we currently are living in the U.S. We have a 1 & 2 year old and were considering moving to Timisoara Romania as all of our family and friends are there. I was wondering how the schools are and what quality of life our children would have as opposed to the U.S. It seems as if there is no culture here in the U.S and many other issues arising that I cannot wrap my head around. I know in Romania we will not have the abundance of "things" we have in the U.S but I was wondering if anyone could give me a little bit more insight about living in Romania? Thank you!
Meagan on 3 Oct 2016 - 11:18
Hi Kiley,

Moving to a new country is always difficult, especially when there is a cultural or language gap. However, the adjustment can be made more smoothly if this is anticipated and prepared for, so that you know what to expect. Our page on Culture Shock in Romania has some useful information to get you started. 

As your children are still very young, they should be able to pick up the language quite easily. This would give you the option of sending them to a local public school once they are a bit older, which is a great way of integrating them into the local culture.

For some insight from other expats who have made the move, have a look at our Expat Experiences in Romania page. Two of the four interviews there are with American expats in Romania, so those two are probably a good source of comparison, although of course everyone's experience does differ to some degree.

As you and your husband have friends and family in Romania, the emotional support should help you to adjust.

Best wishes.


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