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Posted by shadl10
on 13 Nov 2017
I am looking at a position in Saudi Arabia, but I am concerned I might not be able to take my parrot with me. I currently live in Australia, and would be looking to take my cat and my Alexandrine Parrot with me. If I can't take my parrot with me, I would have to turn down the position. Does anyone know if I can take him with me? Thankyou! Sarah
Daniela de Castro on 2 Mar 2018 - 14:09
Hi Sarah

Have you tried contacting any relocation companies to ask them if they can move your cat and parrot? Expat Arrivals has a reference list of some reliable relocation companies that might be able to answer your questions and help you solve your problem.

When do you plan to move to Saudi Arabia?

- Daniela

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