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How to Find Happiness as an Expat Woman

Updated 10 Nov 2014

Moving to another country will mean a lot of work to get things in perfect harmony in your future. There are many reasons why people become expatriates, such as a company promotion or starting a new business abroad. Whatever reasons you may have, you should keep in mind that adapting to a new location will take time and effort. Expats usually have to contend with an element of culture shock.
The success with which one settles into expat life will have a knock-on effect on their success in the workplace. These tips will give you a better understanding about expat life and how to make the most of an exciting opportunity while remaining happy and content during the process.

5 Ways to stay happy as an expat woman

Maintain your curiosity

This is the one thing you must always have when moving to a new destination. Never forget that being in a new country will be more than just an opportunity for business but also a chance to learn more about the local culture. There will be many new experiences to be had such as sports, hobbies, cuisine and friendships that are radically different from what you may have had back at home. Curiosity will allow you to experience the world in a new way and you should enjoy yourself as much as you can as you live in your new country.


One thing you will learn when you live abroad is that you may have to suspend judgment in terms of certain aspects of your new culture. Some things don’t really transcend cultural boundaries as much as they could and some traditions are set in stone in such a way that you would not be able to ignore them. For example, what passes for rudeness in the West may be something completely normal in the East, so Western expats will have to adapt to changing conditions. You should do your best to understand your new home before you decide to feel outraged at something. There are some things you will never change in your new culture, so it is best to accept them instead.


The best way to deal with expat life is to live it as best as you can; making sure the journey is worth the effort, through the ever-changing reality of everyday challenges. As long as you decide to keep your spirit of adventure alive you will have a much easier time dealing the situations around you and avoiding the web of banality.

Creating opportunities

Since your life as an expat will have you moving from one location to another, you will spend quite a bit of time away from home. This may seem quite stressful at first, but you should remember that there is a lot to see and enjoy in every new place. Trust the wanderlust inside you and you will find amazing opportunities to experience the joy of life around you.

Sharing the experience

The most important thing you need to remember is that while you maybe far away from home, you can still share your experiences with loved ones via modern technology. Try to keep track of your adventures with a blog or travel journal so you can inspire others as well.

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