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Posted by calebkeller94
on 25 Jun 2018

Hi all! I am moving to Jeddah in August to teach. I'm very excited about this opportunity.


I own a very nice desktop computer that has a lot of my teaching materials on it as well as all of my important personal documents. It's an expensive desktop and houses a lot of important stuff for me. None of it is illegal or at odds with Saudi Arabia's import restrictions.


I'm curious of the best way to get it into the country, if it can be brought with me or, ideally, shipped over. Any advice is very appreciated. Thanks!

Kyle de Villiers on 26 Jun 2018 - 08:04

Hi Caleb,

Shipping might be expensive, but this Expat Arrivals shipping and removals in Jeddah page might be useful. 

How big is your desktop?

You should check on your airline to see what carry-on restrictions they may have. 

If it meets the size requirement, then it might be best to treat it as your 'carry-on' luggage. That way, you can shepherd it all the way to Jeddah.

Otherwise, if you place it into a hard-case, with tons of bubble-wrap and lots of fragile stickers, then it might be best to take it as extra baggage. Then you're placing your faith in the hands of the baggage checkers who might throw it around a bit.  


Muhabba on 5 Jul 2018 - 19:24

I don't have an answer, but just a reminder to back everything up before you ship, just in case.

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