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Posted by Jay3644
on 27 Oct 2016
Hello Everyone, I am planning to working in China as a English Teacher. I have got all the necessary qualifications and I have been offered a job in a private language school. The pay is 16000rmb after tax, that's including accommodation allowance per month. The school is situated in Beijing. The salary is substantially higher than what I currently make as a teacher in the UK and right now I can't afford the type of housing that I want for my son and I, as London prices are extortionate, I have tried moving out of London, but the job market outside the capital is hard to find work as a Music Teacher. Mu son and I still live at home with my mother and her partner which is not ideal and frustrated me too the core. I am looking to move to Beijing with my son who is two and a half years old. Now I have been looking into International schools such as The International School of Beijing and Western Academy of Beijing,, they look great and cover a western curriculum, however it is way too expensive I know my salary would not be able to cover that. So my options Homeschool which I could do. Public school or nanny. So I want to know what are the public schools like? How much are they? Do they teach English? Would my son receive a good standard of education there? The education system where I live in South East London is appalling and Luckily enough my son is very young and really can't speak properly yet so the move wouldn't be too difficult or traumatic besides from missing family. Also if he is too young for preschool in China, how much are nannies in Beijing and where would I find a good one? Also in my moving package there is 6000rmb. Medical insurance Bonus of 8000 after first year. I really want to use this opportunity as a stepping stone to teach in a University or a international school in Beijing or perhaps else where once I get this experience under my belt. However, I don't want the experience to be at the expense of my son's happiness. Some advice is needed.
Meagan on 28 Oct 2016 - 12:36
Hey Jay,

It sounds like the terms of your contract have been pretty much wrapped up, but if there's still a chance for further discussion, you could consider raising the issue of an education allowance so that you can send your son to an international school.

However, there are also lots of good reasons to go with a local school, especially since your son is still so young. If you're planning on staying in Beijing for the long term, Chinese schools are an excellent way to help expat children integrate and learn the language. The younger they are when this process takes place, the easier they tend to adapt.

Homeschooling is an option and is legal but might become complicated later (as in, much later) when it comes to university as the qualification needed to attend a Chinese university can't be obtained through homeschooling.

If you want a bit more info about schooling in Beijing, click here.

For fee costs of public schools I'd recommend getting in touch with them directly.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous (not verified) on 29 Oct 2016 - 21:28
what are d possible means of going to Qatar from Nigeria? must one hv an agent before anything
Meagan on 31 Oct 2016 - 07:39
Hi, please post this question as a new post in the Qatar section of the  forum. Click here, type your question and select Qatar as the destination. Once your question's in the correct place you're much more likely to get some responses. Thanks!
Anonymous (not verified) on 4 Nov 2016 - 06:10
The cost of renting in Beijing has gone up every year. It use to be cheap but expects and locals are now paying twice as much as what you did six years ago. It depends of course what part of the city you live in, but for a nice one bedroom expect to pay between 7000-12000 per month. Will the school help you find housing? Expect to pay three months in advance, with a one month bond. You could hire a ayi (nanny), Chinese speaking for around 2000-3000 per month. Not all day cares can take in expat children. A good day care / kindergarten will set you back around 35,000 a year at least. This will be mainly a Chinese school, but it will have some English staff as well. Of course the English staff quality can vary, a lot have no education background, but they should have some language teaching experience. They are usually hired to teach basic English to the Chinese children. This would be suitable for sending you child from around 2-5 years old. After that most expats move their children to an international school like BCIS, WAB. Make sure you insurance package is top quality. You do not want to be going to a local hospital, which has very little if no English speakers and who will want to pump you or your child full of antibiotics every time. A clinic with dr who speak English will set you back around 80$ plus med cost on top which are also expensive. That's why you want the good insurance as it will get you 80% back. As a mother who lived with children in Beijing for a number of years it is important to understand the effect the pollution has on young children's developing lungs. That was my family's main reason for leaving. I don't want to put you off China or Beijing, it is a wonderful place, but it's important you understand the main issues if you will be moving alone with a young child.

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