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Posted by jeffcaz2302
on 3 Oct 2017

Hi we that is me & my husband just about 50yrs old are considering relocating permanently to Cyprus. Were not fussed where to locate ourselves. What im wanting to know is will my husband find permanent work, hes been in the catering world most of his adult life. He did work and train after school as a baker & confectioner. When the owner retired and shut down the shop he joined the navy where he was for 17years as a chef, Therefore he is looking for this type of work. He has management experience and can train staff with little effort.

Initially we will be looking for a rental, preferably with use of a pool. Furnished as it could take some time for our things to arrive. Any ideas on where is more quiet where no many tourists stay, don't want to be next door to party fest come the Summer!

Any guidance help will be very appreciated

Carol & Jeff
EmmaL on 4 Oct 2017 - 08:05

Hi Carol

The economy in Cyprus is largely dependent on the tourism industry, so with your husband's experience, he shouldn't have too much of a problem finding work. Where are you from? EU nationals generally don't need a work permit, but have a read of our guide on working in Cyprus

Limassol, Oroklini and Paralimini are good expat areas in Cyprus, and shoudn't have too many boisterous tourists during summer. Your options are quite varied, and you should be able to find a furnished place. Our guide on accommodation in Cyprus should answer some questions as well.

Hope this helped!


Anonymous (not verified) on 4 Oct 2017 - 10:27
Hi Emma Thanks for getting in touch, were from the UK, Its good to know employment should not be a problem. Ive been having a browse around the internet, but a lot of what I found contradicts the info I was looking at, Like cost of living, rental costs ive eventually found a site which gives September 2017 info. Its interesting to know where were best looking for a place. I had considered Paphos area, but not Paphos its self. I have interest being in amongst the local community. Cheers have a good day Carol
EmmaL on 5 Oct 2017 - 08:14
Hi Carol

It's always a good idea to have as many sources of info as possible, but yes, sometimes it can get contradictory. I find that the most up to date sites for cost of living are Numbeo and Expatistan.

Paphos is quite popular as well, and I'm sure if you decide to live in one of the villages around it, you'll have a nice balance of living with the locals but also being close to the city. 

When are you thinking of making the move? Do you think you might buy property after renting for a while? Since you're from the UK, the process is a lot easier.

Anonymous (not verified) on 5 Oct 2017 - 09:56
Yes it was the Numbeo we looked at last night. Were unsure but were not in a positon to buy so it will be a long term rental preferably in a village neither of us want to be in the middle of a big town. I would come next week, my husband is more cautious, he wishes to save a bit first. Weve been looking for estate agents online to get an idea of the sorts of property and the costs involved. I know if he got a positon offered before he had the savings he would then make the decision to come when needed. Do you live in Cyprus? Or are you also looking to move there? Regards Carol Thank you for all your help
EmmaL on 6 Oct 2017 - 09:11
Hi Carol

I don't, no, but I'm fascinated by the idea! Eventually I'd like to leave my own country, but I don't have any big plans yet. I'd like to hear how your plans come along, though. 

I've heard that there are a lot of scams taking place with regards to property in Cyprus, so when you decide to make the move, ensure that you've got a reputable estate agent helping you. 

Good luck!
Anonymous (not verified) on 6 Oct 2017 - 09:44
Thanks for that, we would only ever use a recommended agent, I know a lot of wealthy Russian people were surpassed to of brought a lot of property in the time immediate to there banking crisis but we had not heard this. So where are you based?

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