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Posted by deniz
on 26 Jun 2017

Hi everyone;

I just need a bit of advice on international schools in Istanbul.We are moving (back ) to Istanbul from Uk and looking for a good school for my yera2 ( will be year 3 next year) daughter.I know there is a school called British International school, but it is a bit pricey for us.I heard about that school in Asia region called KEYstone international school, just wondering if anyone has any experience with that school.Any help and advice would be most welcome.

Meagan on 27 Jun 2017 - 11:08
Hi there,

I had a look at the British International School fees just to compare them with Keystone International School – it looks like Keystone's fees are significantly cheaper at around 11,000 USD a year compared to about 30,000 USD a year. Istanbul International Community School might also be an option at +- 17,000 USD a year.

Keystone seems to have a pretty good reputation from what I can gather. I found quite a useful forum post here (Keystone is specifically mentioned a few comments down) here, and there's also a useful discussion regarding Keystone here. There's quite a bit of content on the Keystone Facebook page that will also probably give you a good feel for what the school is like

Otherwise, if you still want to browse around a bit for other schools and take a look at other options, check out our page on International Schools in Istanbul – there are a number of reputable schools listed there. 

Hope that helps, and best of luck for your move!

Anonymous (not verified) on 27 Jun 2017 - 13:39
Hi Meagan Thank you for your very useful answer.I have checked the Istanbul international community school, but it is far away and my little one used to go to school by her scooter or bike, I know it can't be the same in Istanbul but at least we can try to avoid from long journies, so, we remove that school from the list.I will call the Keystone soon and request some information .They have this Canadian accent and my British English speaking kid will be a bit confused maybe :) have to bright side of it, better than nothing :) Thank you ever so much Meagan.and thank you for your good wishes, we will need a luck on our side really. Deniz

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