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Posted by Dbwl
on 25 May 2017


We're a couple of guys from the US. My husband was just offered a job in Pardubice that will start in September. It's probably possible for us to live on his salary, but the budget will be quite tight. I'm wondering if anyone has ideas about what I might be able to do for some sort of income. Sadly, I only speak english, so I know that makes things very limited. I've done customer service, worked as a hair stylist(which I know we can basically rule out) but I also have pretty strong Photoshop skills. The only thing I can think of so far is a job where I possibly work remotely. I would love fulltime work, but even part-time could be an option. I have a feeling I might have to be creative about it and open to just about anything. I welcome any and all ideas!

We have a few days to decide and are furiously trying to figure out our budget, what things we want to bring with us and things we can sell.

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

Brett on 2 Jun 2017 - 09:10

Hi David,


From personal experience with freelance copywriting, I think working remotely could be quite beneficial at first. Perhaps the more relaxed appoach of building up your portfolio from home will give you a chance to ease into the local culture and get started in conversational Czech?


Would you be interested in basic graphic design courses? This could be an added skill to help with the wallet.


Additionally, I have a friend who worked just outside Prague as an english teacher. He took his TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course and certainly earned enough money for travel and savings. I am sure, combined with your husband's salary, this could afford you a bit more wiggle room when it comes to finances.


You could feasibly complete the course and receive your certification in a few months. However, there are a variety of choices available to suit your situation. You could inquire about potential opportunites in and around Pardubice. Often, companies can help to place and prepare you for diffrerent countries.


This may be an option you are more comfortable with as you mentioned a preference for fulltime work? There is also the possibility to tutor adult classes if you don't want to work with children.


Lastly, you might want to look into employment agencies in the area. They would have experience finding foreigners work and may come up with a few suggestions you would never have thought of! With an entirely new city, there is always bound to be occupations of which you are unaware. Doing business in the Czech Republic might be difficult for expats at first but this may prove useful.


Please let me know if you have any more questions. Hope this helps!



Dbwl on 13 Jun 2017 - 14:50
Hi Brett, Thanks for your reply. I actually have a little bit of graphic design experience, though really my photoshop skills are more suited to photo retouching. I would love it if I could make money that way! Teaching English is always an option, but I'm not sure I'd be very good at that. I'll definitely look into agencies once we arrive. Of course, our biggest issue right now is securing accomodations before we can even apply for a visa. So stressful! David

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