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on 30 Oct 2014


I am getting new job in NYC . My package will be 7000 usd per month plus accommodation, medical, probably tax too.

We are four of us. My children are 21 and 16 years. Please clarify and help me to explain

1. Is this salary enough for living four people?
2. My elder one can find some college by himself , but for younger one is there any option to place in final year school and move to university next year of he has to finish year 12 year and move next year ? Which is better?
3. Which is the good place to rent? What will be the rent? Even though company is taking care I want to know
4. What other cost I should bear in my salary other than rent, medical, transport.
5. What will be the food cost for all of us on an average?

Anonymous (not verified) on 31 Oct 2014 - 05:00
Any reply please ?
Anonymous (not verified) on 20 Nov 2014 - 09:20
Hi, Arrow, Have you settled on your entire package? Living in NYC could be very expensive, not only in terms of rent but also city tax you will have to pay in addition to federal and state tax. Many would consider living in the suburb, including NJ (and some even further out in PA), and commute daily to work. School district and commuting distance would be a key consideration for where you choose to live (similar to catchment areas in HK). Where were you from originally and which school/curriculum are your children in? This will make a difference as to how you may plan your children's education. Have you considered not only your compensation package but also relocation assistance being offered as it could very costly and will impact how quickly you can focus on your job as well as how your family settle in? It appears from your questions that you may be organizing the logistics on your own. I was a senior manager with Big 4 accounting firms, specialized in expat tax and policy consulting, and was regional and global heads of global mobility for Fortune 500 companies, having worked in various regions including the US, prior to setting up my consulting firm in Sep. If you need help assessing/structuring your offer and/or the financial viability or you simply need help with your relocation, please feel free to tap into my experience. Given the personal nature of the discussion, you may want to take the discussion offline though. You could find out more about how I could help and my credentials at All the best!

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